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Workaholic Sushi

At first glance my need to be productive doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. Words like industrious, energetic, diligent, constructive, hardworking and useful are good things, right? Wrap all those up into a sushi roll and the result is a burst of mind-blowing flavor. Or maybe not. What makes sushi so delish? I’d have to say it’s the vibrant essence of taste combinations balanced with texture. Not exactly the fare of a workaholic.

The elements of Workaholic Sushi are anything but balanced. It’s common knowledge that work and play are equally important ingredients in a truly delectable lifestyle. Too much work and the results are tough and heavy. Too much play and there’s no substance. It’s also a fact that a variety of experiences give life a satisfying assortment of flavor and excitement.

And this is where I am seriously flawed. I try to follow the recipe for a practical balanced life but it seems that page in my cookbook is always spattered and smeared, probably with soy sauce. Let’s face it. I don’t have the makings of a good chef—unless you consider that if I make dinner for 30 I may as well make double to freeze.

I can’t just do one thing at a time. If I’m refinishing a table it’s imperative that I listen to an audio book at the same time. If I’m slicing peaches I'm simultaneously brushing up on politics. If I’m painting a masterpiece I’m learning all the different harmonies of a song. If I’m… you get the idea. One of the problems is that I never run out of energy. Sure, my body is giving out, but I'm plugged in with plenty of juice. In other words, I'm a lot like Donald Trump, minus the money. Better than having Hillary's lack of energy. Had to toss in a bit of politics while I'm at it.

If I didn’t feel lazy doing it, I’d lie on a therapist’s couch and analyze this. Doctor, if I’m not accomplishing something all the time I feel… well, insufficient. Inadequate. Ineffectual. Incompetent. All those “in” words.

And I know exactly what the therapist would say. “You’re a workaholic with anorexic relaxation skills, ADHD and loony tunes. Lighten up, girlie, maybe go get sushi? If you don’t you’re gonna die prematurely.”

Wow, I’d think, I have so much to do before I croak!

The real taste test of my culinary progress occurs when I’m on vacation. Like at this very moment. Right now I’m sitting by the pool of a beautiful resort hotel. Ordinarily I would secretly bide my time pretending to set aside the dozen or so projects I have on the back burner. This time I’m making a real effort to enjoy the moment. I know I can kick back with the best of them—if I set a goal to do it! Besides, I have my laptop so I can work on my book here as well as anywhere. Please pass the wasabi!