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Ever tried playing checkers with a 5-year-old? A few days ago I did.

Are you SURE you wanna make that move? Think ahead. If you move here, I will move there. Yes, I know if you make that move I can jump you and take your man, but then look, you’ll be able to take two of mine and get a king. I don’t care how big a fit you throw, you still lose. Okay okay, I give up, you win!

Remind you of anything? Here’s a hint: It involves strategy, sportsmanship, pawns, distraction, illegal moves, cheating, winning, losing, kings or queens (so to speak.) No, I'm not thinking of Monopoly or chess, but a much more complicated game called Politics.

If you elect this person you’re going to get these Supreme Court Justices, who will in turn make these policies, which will not only affect your life but the lives of your children and grandchildren. If you vote that person into office, you could get free prizes (taken out of your pocketbook) or lower taxes (putting assets back into it.)

If you decide to check a box on the ballot because your principles won’t allow you to "in good conscience" vote for a certain candidate, you should look ahead at the long term consequences of what your personal “show of integrity” will eventually lead to. And if you choose to sit this one out you are not doing yourself or your country any favors. That’s a coward’s approach akin to a five-year-old taking his toys home because he didn’t get his way.

If you cast your vote for someone just because you want to elect the first Woman, Businessman, Libertarian, Mormon, Green, Black, Blue or Purple President it’s important that you consider what is at stake several moves down-game.

They say it’s not about winning or losing but how you play. Hogwash! The stakes are exceptionally high this time around. The winner of this game will lead the country in opposite directions for generations to come. Higher or lower taxes, liberal or conservative justices, law enforcement positions, school choice, healthcare, immigration policies, small business regulation or deregulation, military cuts or reinforcements, legalization of marijuana, gun regulation and environmental issues just to name a few. You may have a hundred reasons for voting for someone or not voting at all. I'm just saying... "Think it through and through and through, be smart and make it count."

You’ve got to be willing to loose a little to ultimately win the game. In my case it was conceding to a five-year-old. But when it comes to this election it can be no less than checkmate!