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Guns, Roses and the Second Amendment

I love guns. Yeah, I’m one of those. Hands down I’d take a gun for Valentines or Mother’s Day over roses and chocolates. I guess you could say guns are my passion. Shooting is so much more exhilarating than flower arranging and way funner than golf. I’ve had a concealed carry permit for a dozen or so years and for most of that time I’ve been packing. Until lately.

I began taking some in-depth training classes and it was then that I realized I could actually be a liability in a fish-in-a-barrel brawl. So I temporarily took my handgun from its concealed pink pouch in my purse and grounded it to its room (in my gun safe) until I’ve learned my lessons.

I’m not bragging when I say I’m a good shot—okay, maybe I am—I’m a really good shot. But I’m beginning to realize that excelling in target practice isn’t enough. To be adept in dealing with a life-threatening situation a person must be practiced and proficient. The biology and psychology of protecting oneself and others from imminent danger is complicated. If I were ever in that situation I would want to be able to do more than panic, scream, freeze, run or die. In other words, I’d prefer to have a training-based reaction that has even a slight chance of neutralizing the threat.

It’s hard to imagine being in a school, movie theatre or nightclub (actually I’ve never been in a nightclub) where no one but the bad guy has a gun. And that’s where the Second Amendment comes in. The Second Amendment does not guarantee that everyone who carries a gun is a decent, responsible citizen. It does however assure that decent, responsible citizens have the right to own guns and be able to defend themselves against those who want to control, harm or kill.

If every school had at least one person competent enough to carry a gun, I have no doubt shootings would regress. Most heinous murderers would rather carry out their evil deeds in a less vulnerable place for himself and a more defenseless place for his victims. Gun-free zones are too often a criminal’s top focus.

Now that I know how much I don't know, I’m getting very close to suspending my personal gun-grounding. That baby will soon be back in its pink pouch in my purse. I truly hope I’m never in a position that I need to use it but if I do I’m more educated, qualified and ready to protect. For now I’m gonna go practice my aim on them roses.

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