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The T Word

When my daughter was a wee lass and didn’t get her way she would cross her arms, stomp her foot and proclaim: Humpfff! Then I won’t have any! This rarely worked to her advantage.

“You can have a cookie after you eat dinner.” Humpfff! Then I won’t have any! “You wanted a red Popsicle? Sorry, I only have yellow.” Humpfff! Then I won’t have any!

Kinda reminds me of certain Republicans. I doubt it’s going to work to their advantage either. “You want a different nominee than the one the majority chose?” Humpfff! Then I won’t have any!

Really? What are ya’ll, five? If you’re able to vote, it's not just your right, it's your duty. Every eligible person who cares about his or her country is obliged to cast their vote. Then whoever gets the most votes, wins—it’s as simple as that. If the majority of your team elects a captain, the logical thing is to support him or her. Period. It’s in your best interest to do so even if you don’t like the Team Captain.

“But the Team Captain doesn’t share my values!” Humpfff! Then I won’t support him!

“I don’t like the plays the Team Captain is calling.” Humpfff! Then I won’t play!

“I was counting on the perks of having my buddy be the Team Captain!” Humpfff! Then I won’t vote!

The captain my team elected happens to be Donald Trump. Now Trump isn’t everything I asked for in a dream candidate. Hellooo! Still, I’m not going to cross my arms and stomp my foot. I’m going to get behind him and do everything in my power as a teammate to win the game.

Let’s look at the reasons why the majority of the team chose Trump for Captain. First and foremost is the ECONOMY. The same principles of running a successful business apply to the economy, i.e. spending less than you make, reducing debt by following a budget, cutting waste—you know, all the things we think of as common sense. Not surprisingly, common sense is especially uncommon in government. We need to fire the CFO’s we’ve had in the past and hire people who have the experience and proven aptitude for the job. Someone like Donald Trump. Honestly, can anyone who hasn’t actually run a successful business succeed?

Other positives: Trump knows the importance of surrounding himself with qualified professionals, men and women who know their stuff; not just his friends or those who are simply heirs to various thrones. He will lower taxes and create jobs. He will eliminate unsustainable or irrelevant programs and diminish stumbling blocks for small businesses.

He doesn’t owe any favors. He will put America first. Veterans and a strong military are his priorities. He will stand firm and won’t back down to pressure. Not only can he cut a deal but he can cut through the crap to do hard things. He is un-cut, not a politician or good ole' boy. He is transparent. He raised an incredible family. He doesn’t drink or smoke. He is a true Capitalist, which is the opposite of a Socialist. He is hard working and a quick learner. He loves his country.

If that isn’t enough, this one thing ought to make you shake until your teeth rattle: He will nominate conservative Supreme Court Justices. His opponent will not. That alone will dramatically change this country for better or worse.

Now, of course, I could list a number of negatives, but they are not my focus now that he is the presumptive nominee. Besides, the positives here are enough to win the game.

But, you say… “On principle, I’d rather have the other team win than vote for this guy! Besides,

he has goofy hair and swears, damnit!”

Humpfff! Then I won’t have any!