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Who You Gonna Call?

You hear someone break into your house. Your car is hijacked. Your children’s school has a shooter. Your husband is stabbed. Your daughter is raped. A drunk driver slams into your garage. The mall or airport is attacked. A friend gets the crap beat out of him with a broomstick.

Who you gonna call?

I doubt the Ghostbusters are going to be much good to you when the world turns to chaos. It’s a better bet to call on the Men in Blue. It would be so much easier for them if they could turn on a contraption, aim and suck the slime off the streets. Unfortunately it’s not that easy.

Every day or night they kiss their spouse goodbye, hug their children and leave the comfort of their homes to protect the community from the lawless who skulk the dark corners of humanity. A simple traffic stop is dangerous for a cop. A call for help ups the risk-ante considerably. Police Officers deal with the worst society has to offer: gangs, drug dealers, child molesters, thugs, murderers, thieves, looters and psychopaths. They are frequently on the scene of riots, domestic violence, suicide and accidents. It’s never an easy day at the office.

So why do they do it? Certainly not for the money or notoriety. I guarantee it’s not for gratitude. We are a fickle, erratic lot when it comes to supporting our law enforcement. Occasionally the very people they protect will turn on a dime against them. Infrequently are they given the benefit of the doubt and many times are hated for doing their job. They are threatened, protested, remonstrated. At times they are accused, judged and convicted by a public with no facts. It’s a wonder we have anyone at all who will agree to take the job.

As a whole, police officers are remarkably dedicated to the people they serve. They are Peace Keepers, Protectors, Guardians, Soothers and Goodwill Ambassadors. They are sworn to serve and protect and they take that oath seriously. They sacrifice their own welfare, peace of mind, their families and even their very lives to make the world a better, safer place to live in.

You can quarterback from the sidelines all you want, but the fact is that Law Enforcement Officers are trained to do an impossibly difficult job that makes the world a place to enjoy the game. They deserve to be cheered on. They are not our enemy, they are our heroes.

If you don’t agree, next time you need help call the Ghostbusters.