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How do you feel about Socialism? Oh I love Facebook and Twitter!

Unfortunately that’s the scope of understanding many “Young Voters” have in this election, although a few of them have dug deep enough to exclaim, Everyone deserves to have free health care and a free college education! Everyone should have a job! Income and wealth inequality is so unfair!

When I hear Young Voters tout the benefits of Socialism I have to cringe. On the surface it doesn’t sound bad. When I was a YV I might have been irrational enough to vote for the likes of a Bernie Sanders because, man, I’d love to make as much money sitting on my butt watching soap operas as the entrepreneur putting in 16 hour days launching new ideas or building businesses. And free education would have SO come in handy for me. In spite of an art scholarship, my minimum wage college job was enough to pay for housing but not food. Luckily I was resourceful enough to offset this by stretching a box of Rice-a-roni for days at a time or going out on lots of dates. Tough times. Because back in the day, Social Media was comprised of stationery and a postage stamp, I would ingeniously re-write the recipient's address in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope and drop it stamp-less into a mailbox, where it would promptly be “Returned to Sender.” Hey, stamps cost a whopping 25 cents back then, and I rarely had a quarter. I’m embarrassed to say that it didn’t bother me at the time to send letters to my friends for free—maybe I felt the government owed me that much.

Now that I’m a big girl, I’ve learned a thing or two. For example, that there has never been a Socialistic government to equalize the income of its citizens through “elevation.” Instead, the innovative people are relegated to lower positions to make things fair. It takes money to fund free education, free healthcare, abortions, climate reform, gun control and on and on and on. Since a Socialistic government does not have the ability to create wealth on it’s own, everything must be bankrolled by the people. Since hard work is no longer rewarded, the motivation to originate, revolutionize or modernize dissolves. It’s a crippling and deadly cycle. (*I might mention that electing a Bern-mindset would guarantee a hefty tax hike. In fact, Bernie is not apposed to taxation at 90%.)

Socialism is maximum, extreme, supreme government on steroids. Essentially, everything is owned and operated by a government who pays for your Rice-a-roni and stamp rations. On the opposite hand is the Free Market System called Capitalism. Basically, that's where you are free to do whatever it takes to advance your own station, subsequently elevating your country as well.

In a nutshell, Socialism sucks and Social Media is a tool to spread a warning word.