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Fast Forward

​My husband sits on the couch watching the big game. With a Coke in one hand, the remote in the other, he fast-forwards through the commercials (except during the Super Bowl, of course) and breezes through the less-vital moments of the game. For the life of me I can’t understand how he has the willpower not to just skip to the end and see who wins. That would be the most efficient technique but that’s not the way he works. Go figure.

Sometimes I wish I had a remote that could fast-forward through the times in my life that are equivalent to the commercials and less-vital moments. What I couldn’t do with a remote like that say, in church. Church time, like football time stretches out for loo-oong periods that are disproportionate to the really good parts. Don’t get me wrong… I like church. I’d just like it better if I could fast-forward through the boring stuff. By the same token, if I missed something really important I could just back it up and play it again. Don’t laugh, I might.

I could use that remote when I’m waiting in a long line at a supermarket or restaurant or when I’m on a lengthy flight or road trip. I’d just press and hold and woosh—I’m already there. Or maybe I’m at the dentist. Just like that it would be over and done with. But what about the times I want life to move slower? For instance, if I have to get up early and want to make the most of the sleep I have. The solution would be to hit the slo-mo button. Ahhh, a long winters nap. Maybe I'd use that on my grandkids to slow down the growing up process.

And that’s not all I’d do with that extraordinary remote. On the rare occasion that I can’t think of the perfect comeback (okay, maybe not so rare) I could hit PAUSE while I chew my nail and formulate the perfect response. Wait… technically, a remote control can’t alter the outcome. No matter how much my husband wants his team to win, hitting a button to move the action forward or backward won’t change the result; the game has already been completed. Even if I could rewind my life to the places I wish I had behaved differently or gone in another direction, I’m kinda stuck with the run I ran. It's not possible to fast-forward to see how my life will end when it hasn’t happened yet; you can't revise the past. However… it is within my power to influence the future. Yeah, yeah I’ve heard that before somewhere.

Evenso… I gotta get me one of them remotes!

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