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It started with the old John Travolta movie, Phenomenon. I know it's an oldie but you know the one, where the slow-witted, small-town guy suddenly becomes a genius? Everyone was talking about it and I couldn’t wait to see it. Unfortunately, my daughter saw it first. When I asked how it was, she said, “It was good. But he dies in the end.” What? Are you freaking kidding me? He dies in the end? It totally ruined the movie fot me. Of course our family’s catch phrase quickly became, he dies in the end.

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen the new Star Wars movie you may want to stop reading here until you have. (If you haven’t seen it by now you can’t be all that diehard.) Anyway, my son complained to me that the 9-year-old child of a friend saw the movie first, and then said that very

thing, he dies in the end. He was furious.

I wonder how many times that movie has been spoiled? More than a handful, I’ll bet. With all the hype and publicity it’s just not possible to stop all gums from flapping. I mean, is there anyone on the planet who hasn’t heard about this movie? I’d like to take a pinprick cut of the proceeds from just one weensy corner of the Star Wars market. Just when you think they have wrung every possible promotion out of the series, they come up with a new episode with a hundred more things to buy. And there doesn’t appear to be any end of successions in sight.

I don’t think there has ever been a movie campaign manic enough to compare with Star Wars, although Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Frozen and Jurassic World are close. Although I loved those movies as much as the next groupie, I was relieved when the campaign frenzies finally wrapped up. Every product imaginable featured tacky movie endorsements and it was everywhere you turned. I kept watching for a line of kitty litter named Catpiss Everclean, but I guess they missed that one. Too bad, it would have made a fortune.

But back to my story about spoiler alerts. On Christmas day we succumbed to the Star Wars allure, braving the snow and crowds, and yes okay, it was awesome! After the movie we stood waiting for my husband to come out of the restroom and I not-so-quietly related the incident of that 9-year-old kid who informed my son that Han Solo died in the end. It was then that I noticed one of our party grit his teeth and jerk his head, motioning behind him. Turning, I was greeted with the angry stares of the people filing in to see the movie. Ow! Talk about vibes from the Dark Side!

I honestly felt bad about my movie-wrecking. After all, I can relate to the life-long disappointment of a spoiled plot. But, oh the irony of Reverse Karma! Sorta like texting STOP TEXTING to my son while he’s driving. It’s not as if I meant to ruin the movie for a dozen people. They didn’t have to be so… so "forceful" about it. Geez! It’s not as if someone died!

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