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Black Lives Matter

“So which half of me matters?” asks my bi-racial daughter.

By definition a racist is someone who is discriminatory or prejudiced against someone based on race. So I’m confused. The “Black Lives Matter” movement is organized by a group of racists crying discrimination? If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle… er, aluminum.

I’ve got a better idea. Why not a crusade called “Fat Lives Matter”? It’s a proven fact that fat people are discriminated against and since fat knows no race they could never be accused of being racist. On the other hand, if the people running the movement implied that skinny people didn’t matter or mattered less, they would be bigoted. That would create an outcry as quick and loud as the shot heard round the world!

Since color seems to be the issue, maybe there could be a group called, “Black Pets Matter.” My dog, Wally, would be a perfect specimen. But that kind of implies that Delbert, who is brown and black isn’t quite up to snuff. Actually, as a Rottweiler, Delbert has been discriminated against his whole life. In fact, the animal justice system has always been unfairly biased toward his breed. Although Delbert is the sweetest, gentlest dog alive, you can truthfully argue that a few angry, aggressive Rotties have cast the rest of them in a bad light. It’s not right. But don’t you dare tell me that just one of my dogs matter.

Ugly people are often treated unfairly. It’s a well-known fact that a good-looking job applicant has the advantage over an appearance-challenged one. That’s true even though most of the world’s biggest contributors aren’t supermodels. So it stands to reason an “Ugly People Matter” campaign is required. Sorry, average-looking or beautiful people, you don’t matter.

We have a 16-year-old awesome—albeit, autistic grandson who’s self esteem suffers at the hands of his peers. Why not create an “Autistic Lives Matter” mêlée? That could be advantageous as long as in the process we don’t diminish the value of my granddaughter in the Gifted Program. There’s not one of my very diverse grandchildren—tall, short, red-headed, kinky-haired, good-natured, not so good-natured, outgoing, shy, lily white or chocolate cream—that matters more or less than another. I don’t care what your mantra is, ALL LIVES MATTER. Anyone who says different is a racist and a bigot.

So my response to my daughter as to which part of her matters? As a human being all of you matters! Especially the parts of you that are like me.