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High School Reunion

What could be more fun than a High School Reunion? Nothing! ... said nobody ever. Well, maybe someone would say that. My husband for one.

First off, in order to be excited about your reunion you had to be cool in high school, which I wasn’t. Dee on the other hand was all that—including a school leader, homecoming king, star athlete, and overall awesome dude. People actually go to a reunion just to see him, he’s that kind of cool. Old (and I when I say old, I mean really really old) colleagues flock around him. (Can't say I blame them, I'm kind of a groupie myself!) That includes old girlfriends that fawn, slobber and generally look right past me during his introduction. So much fun. Makes me hanker for a good case of stomach flu.

I didn’t go to my own reunion and true to my high school form nobody seemed to notice. Well, I shouldn’t say that—a few people did—thanks to my friend Ruth. When I didn’t bother to submit an online photo and bio of all my triumphs since high school, Ruth did it for me. Using my email address she posted a huge full-length close up of me at a Simon and Garfunkel concert in a psychedelic print dress with the definitive caption “It’s all about me!” A few viewers actually responded. I coulda died!

“Seriously, aren’t there people you went to school with that you’d like to reconnect with?” Dee asks.

I have to think about it, but not for long.

“I know this is hard for you to understand but that time of life was painful for some people and having to relive it can be excruciating. Besides, high school was so, you know, superficial. Real life—the important stuff—hadn’t even started for some of us. And if it had... well, that’s kinda pathetic, don’t you think?”

Dee rolls his eyes. We didn’t go to the same school and of course, I was much younger. Given the fact that I’m gorgeous and intelligent he just doesn’t get it. Had our lives merged back then I would have been so far out of his league he wouldn’t have given me a second glance let alone noticed that I skipped the reunion. He doesn’t give up. “I’m sure there are plenty of people who would want to see you!

Besides the six girlfriends I connect with on a regular basis, I highly doubt it. Maybe one or two? Definitely not worth the agony of trying to fit in again with the other 600. Crazy, but no matter how many people read my books or how many thousand followers I have on my blog, I still feel invisible at a high school reunion. Once a nerd always a nerd? Those six high school girlfriends would beg to differ. Their mantra has always been "We weren’t in the in-crowd, we were the in-crowd." Such confidence defies me when it comes to those grueling high school years. Guess that’s why I’m the only one of us that stays home on reunion night.

So what’s even more fun than your High School Reunion? Your spouse’s reunion, that’s what! ... said nobody ever. Period.)