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Climate Change?

Don’t know about your neck of the woods, but where I live, Climate Change seems real. And I say bring it on! I can dig these mild winters and rainy springs. My town has never looked so green and lush, and my own gardens rival that in any magazine. I’m not keen on brown lawns from summer water rationing, so I really hope this sticks awhile. Don't have my hopes up, though, because we all know that if anything is certain, it’s change—and that includes the climate.

I’m not naïve enough to think that if we all hug a tree and trade in our cars for bicycles that we can be collectively sufficient to change the climate. That's a bit above our human pay grade. It’s kinda like ants. Ants are hard workers and together they can eventually build roads and very small mountains. But ask them to build a skyscraper?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being good a steward over the earth. Nothing makes me crazier than disrespecting our land, water and air.

Recently, my husband, Dee, went to a park to play Frisbee with Wally. He always keeps a doggie cleanup bag in his car and sure enough he had occasion to use it. He scooped, tied a knot in the top, and then looked around for a garbage can. There was none. He put the dog and the bag in the car but when he started it there was a rattley groan that indicated his car battery was dead. He did the logical thing and called me to bring a jumper cable. In the meantime, he set the poop-bag outside his car on the ground.

Have you ever approached, say, a soda cup or water bottle in a parking lot and had the impulse to run it over? Splat! Two points! Well, that’s exactly how I felt as I approached my husband’s car in the park. I looked at that poop-bag sitting there on the ground and I swear I could hear it beckoning. Go for it, suckah! You know you want to! And so I did and it was awesome!

Dee was aghast. “Really?” he groaned, staring at the carnage. “Did you do that on purpose?”

I tried to look innocent. “What?” He didn’t buy it.

There’s always a price to pay for frivolity, so good citizen that I am, I looked around the park for an object to re-scoop splooped poop. And what did I find? Let’s just say that gross dirty diapers were the least of the nastiness I found stashed in bushes.

Now, I’m very protective of my planet, especially when it’s smack dab in the middle of my park. I cluck my tongue and stoically haul other people’s garbage off trails and around lakes. I believe it is the height of selfishness to litter or pollute and it’s everyone’s doo-ty to keep the world in the best possible condition. But change the climate?

Put it this way... I think it’s a bulging bag of doggie doo and I can’t swallow it any more than Dee can believe in an innocent rollover. Maybe if we work together we can make the world a better place. Sounds cheesy, but It’s a sacred responsibility. Clean and conserve our water, don’t waste our resources, pick up our own trash, maybe put more garbage cans in the park. But climate change?

We’re ants! Get over it!