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Background Soundtrack

Life would be so much simpler if it were in the form of a TV show or a movie. How would it be to resolve a problem from start to finish in an hour or two! Ahh, the Movie Life!

You need to know that a Movie Life is way different from being on the news. The news is more, you know, real life, and real life pretty much negates the whole idea. I watch the news and feel sick for the actors, who aren’t really actors at all, but real people confronting grave challenges. I’m certain most of them would give anything to quickly resolve the trials they face. Yikes! That’s a scene I’d want to bow out of.

The thing about the news is that there is always a sequel. News sequels are usually reruns of history—shocking and disturbing even if predictable. The lessons of the past seem to be ignored, and then here we are again watching our same mistakes and expecting a different program. So nix on the news.

One of the biggest perks of having a Movie Life is the background soundtrack. Think about it. Whenever you say something funny, there is spontaneous laughter. (Hahahaha!) Canned, but still. If you say something profound there is raucous clapping and cheering. (Yaaay!) Again, canned, but what the heck?

If you’re sad or broken hearted, soft violins play in the background. Somehow when violins play, everyone understands where you’re coming from and it’s way more touching. (Awww!) If you overcome great odds through sheer grit and perseverance, there is a resounding symphony with a grand crescendo that makes you want to leap with joy and accomplishment! (Woo Hoo!)

That’s not to mention how much safer a Movie Life would be. You would never have to be afraid to do anything unless the menacing music came on. Can you imagine how many bad scenes could be avoided if creepy music warned you not to go downstairs into the basement alone or swim in shark infested waters? (Nu nu Nu na Nu na)

Background Soundtrack (or BS as I like to call it) could practically eliminate the news! We’d all be so much more understood and understanding. We would appreciate and be appreciative, and safer and more secure.

If our lives were a movie, most of us would want to be the hero or at least a supporting actor or actress. Hopefully, most of us wouldn’t want a bazillion people watching as we loot, start a fire or beat someone up.

Come to think of it, in these days of cell-phones on every corner, our lives might actually be Movie Lives. Our behavior could essentially be put on the screen for the entire world to observe at any given moment.

Hmmm… I guess I don’t really want a Movie Life. Just the Speedy-Problem-Solving feature and the Background Soundtrack. Those components would totally transform my life! I doubt I can get either on Netflix or the News. (Waaaa!)

*Favorite comment: "I’ve always thought of my life as a movie. I’m the star, everyone around me I consider to be the background extras with a few featured extras and supporting stars. My movie always has background music. I have character development, climax, there is always a bad guy somewhere stirring up trouble." Made me laugh!