Reflections of a Ripple

Love in Motion

A young serviceman’s life is transformed by a chance encounter with a pretty cashier at a commissary. From that moment, Henry knows that Emily is the one and only woman for him.  That instant was the drop that began a ripple that encircled Henry for the rest of his life. But it’s anything but smooth sailing on the Sea of Love for the young couple. Henry and Emily have a long wait for the happily-ever-after ending to their love story. Their lives are torn apart—first by war, then by tragedy and misunderstanding.


Intertwined is the story of James and Carlee, a young couple struggling to have a family. Their lives collide with Henry and Emily in a surprising ripple of events.


Inspired by real-life occurrences, author Gail Winegar weaves a tender, touching love story in which hope and joy wash over a family devastated by the tragic storms of life.

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I LOVED this book. The character description was delightful and I felt like I was part of the family. (Both families). Give it a read. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh, and the delightul conversations will make you miss these folks when you finish the book. I just finished the book and now feel a little lonely. LOVED IT! Clever writer with a quick wit. -S Knowlton


LOVE,LOVE, LOVE this book! The author has a magical way of drawing you into the characters and their story. I was on their journey and now I'm a little home sick for them :). And to think this story is based on true events makes it even more powerful. I was directed to the author's website and blog, and I have been enjoying her quick wit and entertaining writing style. I would recommend this book.  -JW Townsend


A must read for anyone who is part of a family. Insightful, real, funny, dramatic. Shows how unpredictable, painful, joyful life can really be. Gives hope to those dealing with life issues. Didn't want it to end. There needs to be a Volume 2 to see what happens to the next generation.  -R.S.


A real page turner. I couldn't put it down. There is a real voice telling the story. You can tell that this fiction book is based on real life situations. The emotions are raw and real. This book would also make a great book club book. Lots to think about and lots to discuss.  -S.S.G.


What a wonderful story about the ebbs and flows of life! The author does a great job of bringing you into the story and then keeping you attached as she winds you through joys and sorrows of young families and old flames. I was in tears multiple times as I read this story. A great read for all ages!  

-T. Espin