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March 6, 2015

I always thought I was stupid.  Forrest Gump-stupid, as in “Stupid is as stupid does.”  (I’m still not smart enough to figure out what the heck that means.)  It’s taken me numerous years to realize that there are many kinds of stupid, as well as smart.

For example, I know some super-smart people who got straight A’s and perfect SAT scores, who now work as rocket scientists.  Not actual rocket scientists, but you get the idea.  I could never compete with that kind of smart; and if someone were to hire me for that kind of smart, they would be stupider than me, and crazy. 

When it comes to actually functioning in everyday life, though, I literally run circles around these people.  Well, not literally, because that would be, you know, stupid.  But I’m pretty good at accomplishing a variety of everyday tasks that the aforementioned smarties struggle with.  It’s commonly known as common sense, which isn’t all that common, especially among the super-smart.  Just look at Washington D.C., wh...

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