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May 25, 2015

I don’t remember being in a school program when I was a kid.  Maybe they hadn’t been invented.  More likely, I just spent too much time sitting out in the hall for making hilarious comments under my breath that amused my classmates but not my humorless teachers.  But as both a parent and grandparent I’ve had the opportunity to watch plenty of youngsters make their world-debut on stage.  

It blows me away that there are so many kinds of Individual.  Each child is so inimitable and yet there seems to be a “variation of a version” of every kid in every program.

The most obvious is the super-animated girl in the middle of the front row.  Her expressions are larger-than-life and her actions embellished.  The teacher puts her there on purpose for the wow-factor, just as she puts the overly energetic boy off to the side where he can’t totally distract the audience.  (It doesn’t work.)  There’s just something that happens to a certain personality when they get in front of a c...

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