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May 4, 2019

What type personality are you?  Introvert or extrovert? Right brained /left brained?  A, B, C or D?   Red, Blue, White or Yellow?  1, 2, 7 or 16?  

Personally, I’m a #1/multicolored/right brained/ambivert/cup-smoosher. You heard me right.  In addition to being a bossy, overachieving, sensitive, perceptive recluse—I’m also one of those.  I found out this tidbit of classifying information by answering one honest, insightful question found in the G-Test (aka Gail-Test)

You’re driving through a parking lot and see a soft drink cup sitting un-attended on the pavement.  Do you A) veer to miss it?  Or B) swerve to smoosh it?  

Your parents may have seen signs of this trait in early childhood—were you a puddle-jumper or stomper?

Recently my husband and I were moseying down the street in his truck when we faced this very personality-defining moment.  There by the side of the road was an abandone...

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