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November 4, 2014

Is there anything more frightening than A) Ebola Virus? B) Radical Islamic Terrorists and their favorite pastime, beheading   C)Vacationing in Ferguson, Missouri   D)Midterm elections   

Hang on. I’m weighing in on the contenders. 

Recently I attended a baby shower and as the mother-to-be held up a pair of cozy little pajamas and a snuggly blanket, I had an overwhelming desire to put them on myself and wrap up securely.  But since I look terrible in fuzzy fleece and giraffes, I constrained myself.  

It’s a scary world out there.  So who would ever want to subject an innocent little baby to it?  Babies are born every day, or at least every week. They’re a dime a dozen, depending on your insurance.  At the risk of sounding smarter than I am, let me just say that babies don’t apply to the existing economic equilibrium of Supply and Demand.  I’m pretty sure, however, the principle of Cause and Effect would pertain, if you get my meaning.


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