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September 1, 2017

I read about some crazy twit that tweeted that it was Karma that Houston Texas got hurricane-hammered.  The reason?  They voted for Donald Trump, of course.  Duh!  Is it just me or has the world got a stick caught in its spokes?  Everyone knows Hurricane Harvey happened because of the recent solar eclipse.  I’m neither a scientist nor an astronomer but there are several logical lines of reason to consider here.

From the astronomy standpoint, if the stars are lined up just so, or in this case the moon and sun, it’s logical to assume that your forecast (aka your horoscope) bodes for a very bad day.  Or longer.  Especially if you are a Virgo. It’s bad enough to have your house underwater but on your birthday? That really sucks.  To make matters worse it happened on Tax Day, which could possibly perhaps maybe conceivably but not likely be for some, a day of celebration.  Either way, the stars are so against you!  Or is that astrology?  Oh yeah, never mind, stri...

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