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January 2, 2017

Our new Silver Lab puppy, Iris, is in dire need of some discipline, so we have been checking out training techniques.   Personally, I think the clicker method, using positive reinforcement is the only way to go.   My husband is leaning more toward a punishment-based approach that corrects behavior via a zapper collar. 

It’s a proven fact that behavior that gets noticed gets repeated.  The key to either system is to "mark" the exact moment the dog does something right or wrong respectively so the animal learns exactly what behavior it is you want them to notice and learn.   Click v Zap   

This has got me to thinking.  Which system would be best to train a husband?  Oh you love my haircut?  CLICK.  Wow, you’re making dinner.  CLICK.  You brought me back a Diet Coke!  CLICK.  I look gorgeous in this outfit?  CLICK.   Scratch my back a little to the right, now down a bit… Ahhh!  CLICK.  You apologize?  Really?  DOUBLECLICK...

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