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February 4, 2018

​​​​​​​My husband, Dee, loves history.  Make that adores history.  The more bygone and boring, the faster his heart pumps.  His idea of the perfect rainy afternoon is to curl up with a real page-turner, like a fat volume of “Civilizations of the World.”  Doesn’t get more exciting than that!  Zzzzzzz…  Boring.  I’d rather go to church.  (Oops, did I say that out loud?)  I‘ve never been able to get into history.  It’s just so, you know, yesterday.  Over and done with.  Let the past be in the past, and all that.

That’s why it was so surprising that I recently picked up a book about the Wright Brothers.  Even more shocking was that I finished it and enjoyed it!  It’s not that I don’t read… I actually read a lot.  I can justifiably brag that I average around 100 books a year, including chapter books and Dr. Seuss.  Of course, many of those are written in past tense and most of them take place in former years-- but I draw the li...

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