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October 8, 2015

Ever played Would You Rather?  You know, would you rather be beautiful or smart?  Would you rather be hilariously funny or drop dead gorgeous?  Would you rather be exceedingly rich and sickly or poor and fabulously fit?  Would you rather be astonishingly talented or magnanimous enough to win the Nobel Peace Prize? Try this one: would you rather be kidnapped by terrorists, tortured and then have your head cut off with a dull blade or contract a deadly flesh-eating virus that slowly destroys first your limbs and then your organs?  You get the idea.

A dynamic game of Would You Rather is to the mind like a vigorous workout at the gym is to the body.  Teachers have used this technique forever to stimulate young minds to think in different directions and look at every side of a subject.  It’s an effective method.  My grandson’s eighth grade English teacher assigned an essay exploring the topic of Knowledge vs. Ignorance.  The perspective of a thirteen-year-old is fascinati...

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