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January 14, 2015

Worried about a nuclear attack, alien takeover, or a natural disaster?  Well, you needn’t.  I’ve got it covered.  My worrying about it almost guarantees it won’t happen. ​

Every time we pass an accident on the freeway, I’m certain it’s someone I know and love.  I’ll send out a mass group text nonchalantly inquiring “Hi ya’ll.  Howzit goin’?”   

If someone is late, my family will mock me, “They’re probably dead. It’s the only explanation.”  Then they laugh like they’re all funny or something.  Sad thing is, that’s a direct quote that I’ve never lived down. 

One day I was hiking with my husband and Delbert, my dog. As we stood overlooking a very deep crevasse, the dog stood close to the edge of the cliff and sniffed the air.  “What would you do if Delbert fell down there?” I asked.  “He’d be dead for sure.  Would you climb down a rope to retrieve his body?  I don’t see how you would ever get him out. He’d be way too heavy. You’d have to just leave him ther...

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