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November 9, 2016

Seriously!  Can you believe Donald J. Trump will be our next president?  Talk about defying gravity!   Against all odds the common working-class people raised up to voice their protest against a government of entitlement, exclusiveness and yes, corruption.  The people have been heard.

My Hillary-supporting friends were geared up for a grand celebration and as the early votes were counted it looked as if they may need to go out buy more confetti.  As people got off work and headed to the polls (hahaha, get it?) the scenario began to change.  Like me, they were glued to their TV but unlike me their mood became more and more somber as the results trickled in.  Most telling, but not surprising were the poll numbers from Washington DC itself.  96% Clinton 4% Trump.  Says it all, doesn’t it?  We the people were dog-tired of elite politicians, the media and celebrities prescribing policy on our behalf.

We are a nation of reality-loving performances and th...

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