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February 12, 2015

Ahhh, mid February, when all thoughts turn to... sigh... Love. ​ ​For me Valentine's Day is right up there with Wright Brother’s Day, and National Boss’s Day. Tax Day and Daylight Savings aren’t too far behind.  And don’t forget Mother’s Day.  That’s one I’d swap any day for Leap Year. ​ ​

You might think I’m a holiday humbug, but in my defense I do like holidays.  Just not the ones that make me feel like the day has been taken hostage and if I don’t come up with a suitable ransom, I’m screwed. ​ My beef with Valentine's Day isn’t that it can be fun and romantic.  

If you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife (in my case a boyfriend/husband all in one) it can be a romantic excuse to, well, you know. (Go out to dinner and exchange a token of undying love.)  I’m down with that. ​  

What I’m not cool with is if you don’t do something extraordinary, you’re making a statement—and not a positive one.  For many people Valentine's Day is painful.  Nothing can say...

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