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February 5, 2019

I've always seen the world a little differently.  In other words, I've always been a little weird.  I remember as a child trying to figure out what killed the rainbows in parking lot puddles.  Even now when I see an oil stain in a gutter, I can't pass by without pausing to pay tribute to the fallen beauty.

Most people see shapes in the clouds.  I see them in shadows, floor tile, wood grain, polished chrome and mashed potatoes.  I can spend hours scrutinizing the pattern balsamic vinegar makes in olive oil before dipping in my bread, thus ruining the presentation.

One day while sitting in church I saw an absolutely perfect Chewbacca in the back of a lady's hair.  I earnestly tried to get my husband to see the amazing likeness but he told me to SHUSH so I had to admire the extraordinary phenomenon alone.  He had no idea what he was missing.

For years I watched the way the snow melted off the mountains in May, forming an unmistakable monkey face.  I thought everyone saw it, bu...

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