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August 13, 2016

I am an addict.  Admitting it is Step One. When you try to hide the fact that you can’t disengage yourself from 24/7 politics it’s time to face reality and call AA —Analysis Anonymous— aka Anal Anon (because to be so neurotically absorbed seriously stinks.)   I mean, who in their right mind actually chooses to 1. Listen to someone who is insane enough to run for political office in the first place and 2. Give credence to the hosts of analytical armies that skirmish around the clock to disgrace, degrade, damage, destroy and decimate (damn that’s a lot of D’s) every syllable that their rival utters or has uttered since conception.  The sumptuous cherry on top of this insanity is watching the wanna-be-winners (aka sore losers) collude, conspire, contrive, cuckold (crap, that’s a lot of C’s) and in general try to manipulate the election.   If it’s possible to top a cherry, then it's done by the media who ferociously fabricate, formulate, falsify and feed our fears in a furious frenzy.  (F...

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