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April 7, 2020

I keep hearing about how important it is for non-essential people to remain at home in seclusion during the Covid Crisis.  That leads me to a question.  If I’m non-essential, why does anyone care if I get sick and die?  Referring to someone as non-essential is demeaning.  Where are the PC Police when you need them?  Did they get the Corona?  If so, that would explain it.  Maybe they’re working from home like the rest of us non-essentials, which would essentially make them non essential, which makes perfect sense. 

First, I had to deal with Black Lives Matter, which for no fault of my own excluded me.  Then I was plopped into a basket of Deplorables.   Now I’m referred to as Non-essential.  These days to survive, one needs a good healthy ego with a virus-free body.  That combo makes for an awesome non-essential, which is essential.  So which is it?  Am I essential or not?  

Some of my children are essential.  Two are in...

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