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July 14, 2015

What could be more fun than a High School Reunion?  Nothing!  ... said nobody ever.  Well, maybe someone would say that.  My husband for one.

First off, in order to be excited about your reunion you had to be cool in high school, which I wasn’t.  Dee on the other hand was all that—including a school leader, homecoming king, star athlete, and overall awesome dude.  People actually go to a reunion just to see him, he’s that kind of cool.  Old (and I when I say old, I mean really really old) colleagues flock around him.  (Can't say I blame them, I'm kind of a groupie myself!)  That includes old girlfriends that fawn, slobber and generally look right past me during his introduction.  So much fun.  Makes me hanker for a good case of stomach flu.

I didn’t go to my own reunion and true to my high school form nobody seemed to notice.  Well, I shouldn’t say that—a few people did—thanks to my friend Ruth.  When I didn’t bother to sub...

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