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August 8, 2019

“Everybody looks like somebody to you,” my husband often comments.  It’s true.  After doing hundreds of portraits over the course of my artistic career, my eye just sorta picks up on certain peculiarities.  Because I’m a news junkie many of my comparisons are with political figures.  

That guy looks like Mr. Potato Head.  Hey look, his mouth works like a puppet.  She totally looks like a manicured poodle!  Don’t you think President Trump looks like an eagle?

Once I make a comparison in my head, I have a difficult time separating the two.  For example, every time I see or hear “AOC” I see and hear “Miranda Sings.”  Tell me you don’t see the similarity!  It’s not just their looks and voices. They’re both self-made and self-absorbed.  The characters they’ve created are sheer genius.  They’re popular and intriguing.  They’re narcissistic and egotistic.  They love to post videos of themselves and are extremely trend-savy....

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