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October 22, 2014

There are cobwebs in the doorway and my kitchen is infested with spiders.  Rats run rampant along the baseboards and blood drips from a handprint on the wall.  Poor housekeeping, you ask?  Naw… its just Halloween.  

Why are those eerie things acceptable even with the upcoming Spookiday?  The answer for me is simple:  The kids.  They love it!  And even though I’m not crazy about the idea of Creepy, they are, and the more disturbing the better.  

I’ll admit, I struggle with gruesome.  I was always the kid hiding under the bed during The Wizard of Oz reruns.  It wasn’t just the witch that gave me nightmares, it was the tornado, too.  Just the thought of that black funnel cloud twisting down and snatching up someone’s home made me quake to the bone.  Yeah, I was a wimp.  What really got me, though, was Toto.  Never mind that he was an annoying, yappy little mutt that looked like he’d been bathed in greasy dishwater.  He was a harmless creature, as were thos...

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