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September 12, 2014

I throw like a girl.  I can scream with the best of them at the sight of a mouse and spiders freak me out.  I like shopping, cooking, sewing, fairy gardens and bubble baths.  I love dangly earrings and wear them even when I'm gardening.  So would you say I’m a girlie girl?  

My eight-year-old granddaughter, Flora, is a girlie girl.  Even her name is feminine.  I looked in Flora’s purse one day and this is what I found:  A hairbrush, her keys, sparkly make-up, a couple of crumpled dollar bills, and a gun.  (Don't freak out, it was a toy.)

Flora probably gets her girlie-ness from me.  If you look in my purse this is what you’ll find:  A hairbrush, my keys, dark red lipstick, a wad of cash, a couple of knives and my Ruger 380 with hollow-point ammo.

I don’t go anywhere without my 380.  It’s as girlie as it gets in its delicate pink case. (Again, don't freak out-- I have a concealed carry permit.)  I have a few other pieces in my collection, a...

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