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June 28, 2015

 I recently indulged in a Five for Five.  Five fantastical days with five formidable granddaughters.  The idea was to share my passion for the Arts with these beloved young hooligans.  I made an investment in Broadway-quality theatre tickets that I hoped would be a refining and life-altering experience for them.

To foster enthusiasm, I opened my laptop and pulled up an excerpt on YouTube.  As they gathered around, a beautiful young woman with an exquisite voice began her refrain.  I’m not exactly certain as to the cause—it may have been the realization that those plane and theatre tickets cost more than a couple month’s worth of groceries—but as we listened, tears began to trickle down my cheeks. 

The girls watched uneasily until I explained, “I’m not sad, I’m just moved…because she’s so gifted!” 

They seemed to comprehend, so I continued.  “You know, when someone is gifted, God is actually giving a gift to you through them. You're actually the one getting th...

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