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June 21, 2015

Want my opinion on religion?  Alright, here it is:  I’m for it.  Spirituality can’t be undervalued.  I’d much rather be a person shot in a church than be a shooter in a church.  The later doesn’t have a prayer in hell of getting into heaven.

Although I am a Believer, it doesn’t always follow that I’m an Understander.  For example, Matthew 18:3 basically says that unless we are like little children we can’t get into heaven.

If heaven is full of people behaving like children, I’m not so sure I wanna go.  I mean, consider a place jam-packed with narcissistic, snot-nosed little brats playing harps with sticky fingers.  Not my idea of nirvana, but that’s just me.

Think about it.  When kids are hungry they howl.  When they’re tired they wail.  When they don’t get their way they scream.  And when they’re happy they race, giggle, prod and poke.  The little buggers are egotistical and covetous.

Children are not angels, even in church.  One day I was...

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