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July 21, 2015

I’m all about efficiency.  If there is a better, easier, quicker or cheaper way to go, count me in.  If I can shave a few seconds time off my routine I’m all over it.  Last week I got a $120 speeding ticket—definitely not the most economical way to go—so quicker wasn’t better or cheaper, which I duly noted on my Improve My Performance list. 

Few things bother me more than ineptness, unnecessary repetition and simple incompetence.  Simply put, if you can improve a situation, do—if you can’t, don’t.  I guess that’s why I’m always hollering at politicians.  They never go in a straight line from A to B.  It’s round and round the mulberry bush and not with a pair of pruners in hand.  Drives me nuts.

And politicians aren’t the only ones imposing their dogma.  It’s probably an inefficient waste of blood pressure when I get my dander up over little things like the power going out causing the numbers on the microwave to flash on and off.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate...

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