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March 15, 2015

“Wanna go see the Cinderella movie?”  I ask my husband.  He scowls. 

Really?  Who wouldn’t want to see another version of the most imitated, cross-cultural, universal theme plot in history?  The embodiment of unjust oppression; the good protagonist triumphing over the evil antagonist. 

Who wouldn’t relate to a sweet-tempered girl with unparalleled goodness, whose attributes are finally recognized after years of obscurity and neglect?  (Don’t answer that, because I don’t want to know.)

Maybe the story is a little implausible.  I mean, bibbidy bobbidy boo and whoa baby!  The coach, the horse, the dress and the shoes!  The coach bit is easy to swallow—we’ve all seen magnificently carved golden pumpkins, and giant ones to boot.  But slippers made of glass?  That leaves one to ponder.  There are a lot of what-ifs here.

Like, what if someone else in the kingdom had Cinderella’s same shoe size?  That could be problematic. 

Or what if Cinderella sli...

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