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December 16, 2014

I love Christmas!  I love the lights, the cheesy Christmas movies, the music (with the exception of that unruly drummer boy who keeps waking up the baby and annoying everyone in the stable with his dang rumpa pum drum.)  I even like ugly Christmas sweaters.  

Every year there are new memories to treasure; like my two little granddaughters shrieking and scratch-fighting like animals over the Baby Jesus doll in our traditional pageant.  And the unforgettable performance of the donkey, who bucked off the seriously pregnant Mary.  It was magic!  

Some of my Christmas memories are bittersweet, like the Christmas my dad passed away unexpectedly.  He was only 62.  That Christmas has a distinct place in my heart.  After that, every Christmas with my family became even more precious.

Christmas at our house is  always memorable.  My daughter wrote a story about one of her favorite Christmas Memories, and I can't resist sharing it...

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