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December 27, 2016

Happy Holidays to our dearest friends, neighbors and casual acquaintances.  We know you have been waiting on the edge of your seat all year to get caught up on all our family events!  Oh my, where to begin…

I’ll probably lose some friends over this and for sure I won’t get as many Christmas cards in the future, but PC or not, I just can’t hold it in.  Frankly, I don’t really care if your daughter made head cheerleader and was Sterling Scholar in chemistry in between her guest violinist gigs with the Philharmonic.    Did you say your 4.0 All-State MVP freshman son was the #3 draft pick for the Seattle Seahawks?  Yawn.   What's that, your kid got a perfect SAT score?  So?   Just once I’d like to get a Christmas letter more along the lines of:

Dearest friends,

2016 has been… well, you decide.

Mary Lou spent much of her time last year on Facebook campaigning for Hillary Clinton.  Fortunately, her hopeless, profound despair was somewha...

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