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September 7, 2015

I’m not good at playing cards.  My poker face is too much like my normal face.  The data around me flows into my eyes and/or ears, takes a lap around my brain and gushes unfiltered from my mouth with nary a pit stop. The good news is that you never have to wonder what my opinion is.

Politically speaking, saying it like it is just might Trump beating around the Bush.  Playing the political game in Washington isn’t a leisurely Cruz in your Carson or a high-speed chase in a shiny Fiorina. Definitely not a Walker in the park!  It makes me so crazy I should be in a Santorum eating Graham crackers and the fried chicken Col. Sanders Jindaled from the rich to give to us poor folk.  And it’s all down Hillary from there.   Aw Shuckabee!  I’d rather Chris cross the country playing other games like Marco Paulo.  The stakes are high in this game and when someone plays the race card it can become as dangerous as a razor’s edge.  Ow! Sharpton!  I rest my Kasich.

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