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August 21, 2017

My son was about six years old at the time.  We’d gone for a hike and were focused on tracks in the sand.  See, these are lizard tracks. They look like they were made by a snake but you can tell it was a lizard by the little claw marks from his legs along the sides.  And see, these are rabbit tracks.  Can you see the larger prints on the front and the smaller ones behind?  Look how it must have scampered.  And these hoof marks were made by a horse because you can clearly see the horseshoe prints. 

He studied each track carefully before heading down the trail ahead of me looking for more evidence of wildlife.  Suddenly he cried out.  Look, Mom!  Bear tracks!  I hurried over, my mind racing.  Where there are bear tracks there are bears and I never enjoy running into a bear.   Where?  I asked, my heart pounding.  He pointed to the ground.  See, mom, this bear was wearing tennis shoes!

Over the years I have reflected on my son’s observat...

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