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May 2, 2016

My 30-year-old daughter bought a package of socks.  When she opened them she found that each and every sock was different.  Looking on the label she found it clearly said Mix not Match.  

“Don’t you know it’s cool to have mismatched socks?” I asked her. 

She answered dryly,  “Yeah, if you’re thirteen.”

I guess she doesn’t get it… if you dress the part and all?  Just ask the 50-year-old in line at McDonalds with his pants hanging off his hips.  You dress young, you must be young, right?  That is one fashion fad I really don’t get.  Aside from the fact that those pants look really stupid, like you have a long body and short stubby legs, have you ever tried to walk with your pants down?  Some of these guys have the technique down pat, their legs spread apart, hips moving forward in a stroppy swagger that they think is sexy but actually looks ridiculous.   Anyway, that panache is a young man’s gig for a reason.

And take the 45-year-old-plus wai...

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