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November 30, 2019

I was on the freeway when the truck in front of me  began to swerve.  I slowed and drew to the left to avoid a collision.  The truck spun, fishtailing first right, then left and back to the right where it slid sideways, missing the guardrail.  In slow motion it rolled, tumbling off the steep cliff, leaving nothing but a cloud of dust.

I pulled over and stopped.  Looking at my daughter-in-law in shock, I hopped out, hollering, “Hit the hazards and call 911!”  I waited to cross the street as several cars whizzed by, oblivious to the horrifying scene below.  The dust was already settling as I gazed over the spot where the truck had disappeared.  To my surprise there was nothing unusual—no evidence of what I knew had just happened.  Perplexed, I climbed down a little further, searching the distance.  Then I saw it.  Scattered over a large boulder field was a ladder, multiple power tools, cords, nails and papers.  A wheel, a tire, water bottles, a backpack.  Abo...

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