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July 2, 2020

My jaw dropped in horror as I watched two teenage girls on social media exclaiming that our country is nothing to celebrate this 4th of July.  They encouraged everyone NOT to wear red white and blue because it would be an embarrassment to wear the symbols of a racist country.

Holy Whacko!!  Honestly, talk about privilege!  Do people not realize the privilege it is to live in the United States of America?  I’ve both traveled and lived outside of the U.S. and every time I arrive back on this sacred soil I literally want to kiss the ground!  I take a  breath of relief and fill my lungs with with the blessed air of freedom.  These immature girls and every one who agrees with them need to go live somewhere else for awhile.  When they come back we would welcome patriots instead of patri-brats.

The morale of our Men in Blue—our brave police men and women—has never been so low.  They have been abused with horrible chants, threats, spitting and massive disrespec...

June 29, 2020

I played a game of “Would You Rather” with my grandkids that got us all thinking and discussing— indeed a rare activity these days.  

Would you rather be a great teacher or be a great student?  Be incredibly smart or incredibly popular?  Change the past or see into the future?  Read the book or watch the movie?  Would you rather be the first person to explore a new planet or invent a drug that cures a deadly disease?  Would you rather live as a black man in the south in the 1800’s or be a woman in Afghanistan today?  Pretty deep convo for kids who’d rather play video games or snapchat than anything else.

One question was “Would you rather go left where nothing is right or go right where nothing is left?  Huh?  That made no sense.   Still it got me thinking about politics—something I’d rather not do.

Would you rather hire a rich person with solid practical financial experience to get our economy back on its feet or a person who’s made themselves a fo...

June 23, 2020

My grandkids love Minecraft and other video games that allow their inventive juices to flow.  They build innovative buildings, communities and cities.  There are four difficulty levels in Minecraft: Peaceful, Easy, Normal and Hard.  In the Peaceful mode, hostile mobs won't spawn, but like in life, there are hazards.  I doubt there is a "New Normal" level but even Easy and Normal have their challenges.  Hard level is what we are experiencing now.  We may not have actual zombies but some members of Congress and the Senate come close and we have violent mobs spawning in every city and community.  

I’m willing to bet the places the kids construct are nothing like the Autonomous Zones the BLM groups are attempting to develop.  Most of the anarchists that are taking over have never built anything in their lives.  How do I know that?  Because there is a fundamental difference between builders and destroyers, creators and demolishers.  When people ar...

June 19, 2020

A year ago today, on Juneteenth, I posted this article.  Little did I know then that this country would be in a much darker place.  It's hard to imagine how we got here.  At this very moment my son is protecting protesters who could turn violent on a dime.  He has too much integrity to catch the Blue Flu.  He literally cares about the people he serves, obviously more than I do because I even wish he'd catch the Covid so he wouldn't have to be out there among the crazies.   My nerves are twisted in a knot of anxiety for his safety along with those of his wife and children.  He has buddies and colleagues who have been seriously wounded or worse, and many who just aren't willing to put themselves and their families through it anymore.   The following piece I wrote back then is even more pertinent today:

I was in a hurry.  My to-do list was longer than my arm and yes I was speeding.  I saw flashing lights in my rear view and pulled over...

June 17, 2020

Cool guys who protect their cities from marauding oppressors have been known to wear black masks.  Nobody wants to live under Wild West law or subjugated by Gotham City terrorists.   Residents cheer when heroes like Zorro and Batman stand up for the people and deliver them against all odds, from an autocratic government takeover.  

Funny how the tables have turned.  Now black masks are a symbol of silencing, intimidation, and violence to those who dare to contradict.  BLM, and no… I’m not talking about the Bureau of Land Management—although that seems to be one of the roles the Black Lives Matter mafia have their sites set on—managing property.  Frighteningly, this group is now more popular and powerful than any political party or group in the country.  Millions of people applaud their cause even as a cloud of tyranny hangs over the land,  threatening anyone or anything that gets in the way, such as the Constitution of the United States.  Big tech companies like Google, Twitte...

June 12, 2020

I’ve never been able to shut my mouth.  I chew with my mouth open, I cough and sneeze with nary a restraint and I blurt out whatever thought comes into my mind.  J/K on the chewing, sneezing and coughing.  Not kidding about that last one.

I’ve never been able to suppress my anger when bullying is at hand.  Nobody should.  When I hear about child abuse or even see a movie where a child is harmed it takes me days, if not weeks to get over the despair.  I cried myself to sleep the other night after watching one of the more violent protesters on TV torture a white dog, and I still can’t get the image out of my mind.  You might wonder how a tender-heart like me is capable of writing a book about serial killers.  The answer?  I hate bullying.  Serial killers are bullies.  So I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when it comes to groups of bullies like Antifa or Black Lives Matter.  Because what matters?  Children. Animals.   People....

June 8, 2020

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be bored.  Not that I ever want to be—I just wonder.  There are so many marvelous things to do and I want to do them all!  I’ve been working non-stop on my latest art gallery exhibit, I’m writing another book, I have a YouTube channel, a blog, I own a business and am integrally involved in a few others.  I have seven children and 24 grandchildren.  I want to hike and sing and swim and garden and dance.  And shop.  There are so many books I want to read, classes to take, movies to see, places to explore and things to experience.

My friend saw an advertisement on Craig’s List that sounded interesting.  I could make $25 an hour and experience a protest up close and personal.  If I were violent, I could make even more.  And I wouldn’t have to worry about going to jail because there are funds already in place to bail me out the very same day.  I might also be able to grab some free stuff—you know, like flat screen TV’s...

June 4, 2020

When the Jews were under Nazi occupation, kneeling before demons was sometimes the only choice.  If that was their tragic fate, I guarantee it wasn’t in solidarity.  Kneeling with someone means they have common support.  They agree.  Their cause is one and the same.  With that in mind, let me give you an up-close scenario of what police officers are dealing with.

Imagine that an angry mob surrounds you.  They refer to you in the most vile language conceivable.  They shout that you must die.  They demand you surrender your position as protector of the people.  They insist you admit you are racist.  They throw rocks, bricks and bottles, they swing bats, pipes and boards.  They hurl arrows with razor blades at the ends.   They shatter bones that require surgery.  Sometimes they permanently maim, disfigure and kill.  

Then they ask you to kneel with them.  If you refuse, you are called a coward.  If you do kneel, they laugh and taun...