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Rockin' Phenomenon

February 2, 2015

One of the most amazing inventions of all time—up there with the Wheel, Electricity, Sliced Bread, Apple Computers and Chocolate is… drum roll… PAINT.   


The caveman who first came up with the idea of paint would be a gazilionare if patent offices existed back then.  He would’ve been able to afford a massive cavern with cutting edge décor that rocked—literally, and he could have hired the most talented petroglyph/pictograph artists in the world to adorn his walls.  Sadly, he didn’t reap that luxury.  He settled for the dorky stick-figure people and animals that his kids chipped and drew on the wall before his wife grabbed them by the hair and beat them with a club. 


I don’t know where the ingenious idea went from there, but obviously the paint industry boomed, and it’s been creating sheer magic ever since.  What would the world be like without paint and it’s transforming properties of color, creativity and cleanliness? 


Paint plays a starring role in the fields of art, architecture and design.  For that matter, it is used in virtually every industry with the exception of old movies and Audrey Hepburn’s wardrobe.   


Paint is one of the most contagious elements in the world.  You paint one thing and suddenly whatever is next to it needs painting as well.  And so it goes, altering life itself in a chain reaction of fresh. 


My grandmother used to say, “Paint makes even an old barn look good.”  I think she was referring to make-up, and she had a valid point.  Even supermodels aren’t as super without their paint, especially airbrush. 


One night I dreamed that I was ice-skating through paint.  As I glided and sashayed, the colors swirled around me, mixing into glorious, vivid combinations.  It was pure ecstasy.  From there I put aside my watercolors and flung myself into huge splashy acrylic and oil paintings, in an effort to replicate the thrill of that dream.  So far I haven’t even come close.  But for me, playing in the paint is utter joy.  The walls of my home are filled with abstract paintings of contorting colors. 


Maybe someday in the future, archeologists will find the walls of my house in some old ruins and wonder why my mother didn’t put a stop to my slapdash artwork.   


In the meantime I’ll continue my love affair with that magnificent, extraordinary, rockin’ phenomenon, PAINT! 





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